Real Estate Video Tours vs Virtual Tours

It only makes sense to provide the most compelling imagery when listing a home for sale. If you hire a good photographer your real estate photographs will make the house shine by carefully controlling the lighting, exposure, focus, focal length, camera position and color correction in the final images.

Video on the other hand just records what is there. The current lighting conditions, color cast from various light sources among other things cannot be carefully controlled unless the video budget provides for a significantly more expensive production costs.

Great alternatives to video tours are virtual tour created from the photographer’s images. Transitioning between the images taken by the real estate photographer can create a compelling virtual tour. Another advantage of the Virtual Tours is the ability to incorporate different image sources like aerial drone photography and even short video clips. Best of all Virtual tours typically add very little cost to the overall photography budget.

But lets not say goodbye to the video entirely just yet. Zillow has become the predominant platform for real estate listings and they offer something called the Zillow Walkthrough Video. Unlike a traditional real estate video the Zillow Walkthrough Video is created using your smartphone with the Zillow Application available for download on your phone’s app store. Zillow claims they give preferential placement in search results to listings that incorporate a Zillow Walkthrough Video.

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