Incorporate Zillow Walkthrough Videos In Your Listing

Now you can show what photos can’t with a short Zillow video.

Zillow Video Walkthroughs offer unique insight into a home’s features and layout by showing the general flow of the floor plan and how the rooms connect. While the video will not be super high quality, potential buyers will get a better idea of how the house is physically laid out.

Currently Zillow Walkthrough Videos are taken using a smart phone like an iPhone using the Zillow application available for download on your phone’s app store. Videos cannot exceed 2 minutes and are typically taken in segments. You chose when to end each segment and you get a chance to review each segment before saving the video to Zillow and the listing.

Video walkthroughs should focus on the parts of the house that will peek buyers’ interests. The start/stop function of video walkthroughs lets you optimize your time spent in the home to capture key features. Remember Video walkthroughs aren’t meant to be professional videos; they are meant to help you stand out to home shoppers who just want another way to look at a home. When you are happy with your video simply upload the video using the application. The segments you created will be blended into a seamless video. Your done!

It is important to plan your video ahead of time.

  1. What rooms and features of the home do you want to show
  2. Remember you only have 2 minutes so decide how much time you have to get all
  3. Where will you start your video and where will it end

There is a definite learning curve for taking these two-minute virtual home tours and it is not uncommon the be at the 2 minute mark before you have captured all the features of the home you want to include so plan carefully.