5 Reasons Why a Professional Home Photographer Is Worth The Price

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Having purchased several houses in my lifetime, I have a pretty good idea if the house I am looking at online is a contender within the first few seconds. Like it or not we have all been conditioned to have a very short attention span. We are bombarded with imagery all day every day on television and our phones, and if what we are looking at isn’t immediately interesting we simply click away.

Crooked walls, bad lighting and personal items throughout the house are never well received. If you cannot picture yourself in that home you are not going to go see it.

Prospective buyers will see the difference

Yes, it is true; a picture is worth a thousand words. Everyone notices the difference between professional photography and amateur photography. Home buyers who search for homes online find photos to be one of the most important things when choosing which properties to visit.

If your home doesn’t look better in the listing photographs than it does in real life, you chose the wrong photographer.

Statistics show your house will sell faster and for more money

Professional real estate photography will generate more interest in a property. More interest equals more opportunities to show the home. More opportunities to show the home increase the likelihood of selling the home. The faster the listing moves the less likely the seller is to have to make price concessions.

Gain a competitive advantage

People who are selling their home will most often choose an agent who uses a professional photographer. Sellers realize the better their home is showcased the faster it will sell. Very few sellers have the luxury of holding on to their current home while purchasing their new home. They want their house to sell as fast as possible so they can move into the new home.

Higher perceived value

Buyers associate a higher value to listings with great photos. Buyers generally want to be able to see themselves in a beautiful home, not in one that has poor lighting and looks unwelcoming.